Welcome to the future of buying and selling your extreme sports equipment.

Gnarwhal Trading is a Multivendor Marketplace.

  • We designed Gnarwhal for Gravity Sports Enthusiasts who are looking to buy and sell their used gear online.
  • Standard Buyer’s can purchase products without worry of fraud.
  • Verified Sellers can create their own unique online store front to showcase their products.
  • Gnarwhal supplies the ability to auction items.
  • Shoppers can add items to their cart from multiple sellers, followed by one singular checkout process.
  • Secure digital money exchanges handled by The Gnarwhal when the shipment confirmation is received.
  • With just a few clicks you can withdraw your storefronts earnings and transfer them directly to either Pay Pal or your bank

Gnarwhal Trading serves one purpose: to replace everything sketchy about traditional trading forums while promoting the circulation of quality extreme sports gear, accessories, and everything in-between!


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Securely Sell Your Gear

Gnarwhal Trading offers you a professional, yet simplified marketplace to sell your extreme sports equipment domestically and globally. With secure money remittance and automated, trackable shipping and order processing: this is the safest way for strangers to buy your stuff.

Easy Customization

Gnarwhal Traders may fully customize their web storefront and product listings. You set the price, how you want to sell it, shipping or local pickup options. You can sell one or multiples of an item, put it up for auction, create your own discounts, and promote your products with simple posting to social media.

Simple, Professional Tools

Customers and Traders alike have access to a the Gnarwhal Dashboard with all your information and tools in one place. Post new listings and manage existing ones, see order history, reports, reviews, and withdraw your earnings: all in one place!

``Gnarwhal Trading helped my pay for my skate season by making it simple to sell my old gear.``

Alex from California

Downhill Skater

``I have so much old gear to sell but I'm sick of dealing with sketchy groms on the trade forums.``

Nick from Australia

Street Luge Racer